Implementation Process

A Team of Compensation and Data Specialists will guide you through a structured implementation process to get MarketPay up and running at your organization.

Your MarketPay site will be up and running right away and you’ll likely be able to access some of your survey data for ad-hoc job pricing. You will also be assigned a team of professionals to guide you through the process of creating users, assigning privileges, populating the site with HRIS and survey data, and training your team on how the use the system. An Implementation Manager, with HRIS and Training support, will work with your Client Manager to understand your compensation programs so that we can configure the system in an optimal manner to match your needs.

It’s a project managed, in a step-by-step process that gets you up and running as quickly as possible, and makes sure that your users are equipped to get the most from MarketPay.

On-Going Client Management

MarketPay is known for best-in-class Customer Service, with a team of highly responsive Compensation Professionals committed to client satisfaction.

Your primary support contact at MarketPay will be your Client Manager, a career Compensation Professional who will help your team get the most out of the system. Our Client Managers have sat in your seats and have real-world experience with many of the problems that you face. They work closely with the Implementation Team, and then on-going with your Site Administrator(s). Their role is to make sure that your MarketPay site is configured properly, all your data is loaded in a timely manner and that your users have the training and other resources they need to fully utilize the system.

Your Client Manager will work with you throughout the year from Participation Season, through the loading of new survey results, and the updates to your benchmarks with new data each year. They can get you answers to any of your questions about the system or anything else about MarketPay.

Data and Technical Support

Our teams of Data Specialists, Data Quality Analysts, and Technology experts make sure that your MarketPay system is functioning at its best.

Teams of Data Specialists help you build and maintain your MarketPay database. We load all the surveys for you, and quality-check the data for accuracy and completeness. We do it quickly, so that you can use new reports as soon as possible. Our HRIS Data Specialists help you to transfer data from your systems to ours, building automated processes for continual updates of your employee and job information.

If you encounter concerns with MarketPay, our Technical Support team will investigate and work to ensure that your MarketPay system is fully functional.


MarketPay offers a variety of options for learning the system including on-site training, web-based training, self-paced videos and on-line help on every page.

To ensure that your team gets the most out of MarketPay, we offer a number ways to help you learn the system. While post implementation, on-site training provides a rich learning experience; the convenience of webinars and videos offer your users an on-going alternative for learning. Our trainers are career Compensation Professionals with the background and experience to guide meaningful discussions about the best ways to use MarketPay. We schedule webinars every month on different MarketPay modules, free to all users. Our on-going training program is designed to make sure that all users have the resources they need to fully utilize MarketPay.

User Conferences

Each year, we reach out to our user community and host face-to-face meetings to gather feedback, and discuss potential enhancements to MarketPay.

During the 15 year evolution of the MarketPay system we have found that the best ideas to improve MarketPay come directly from our users. By meeting with them face-to-face and listening to their feedback we continually introduce new features and functionality that creates the most value. We hosted our first User Conference in 2005 and have continued each year as we build more and more functionality into MarketPay. To reach as many of our clients as possible we host meetings in major US cities each year and invite all of our clients to attend. We utilize the feedback we gather as we develop the next year’s product road map of new and enhanced features.

As a result, MarketPay provides a broad range of functionality and a deep set of features, each designed specifically for Compensation Professionals. MarketPay has been battle-tested for over a decade, and continually enhanced to deliver more and more for our clients.