With MarketPay, you get a private web-site available only to members of your work group. Built on a powerful and secure technology platform, the site is available to your staff around the clock and around the world.

Point and Click Market Pricing

Pricing jobs has never been so easy and so fast.

With all of your survey data in one place, MarketPay’s user-friendly interface allows you to create, manage, and analyze your market pricing in a fraction of the time that it takes you now. Our powerful search capabilities help you quickly identify survey matches,  searching on key survey job identifiers such as titles, text in the survey job descriptions, etc., or even “generic” terms like “entry level compensation professional”. When the new survey data comes in each year, MarketPay recreates all your matches to the new data so you can get right to work building next year’s competitive pay program.

Projects that used to take weeks can be done in a matter of hours with MarketPay. No more searching through spreadsheets and .pdf’s for survey data, it’s all at your fingertips in a single, high-speed database.

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Automated Survey Participation

Save days, even weeks, participating in your surveys using MarketPay to generate your data submissions.

In MarketPay’s Survey Participation Center, we gather all of your survey participation information, including your survey job codes and descriptions (highlighting any that are new or revised), data submission templates, links to publishers’ websites, etc.  MarketPay interactively builds your survey submissions by replicating previous year’s matches and adding new positions. MarketPay even makes matches based on how you match your jobs to other surveys.  We’ve built into MarketPay each survey provider’s participation template and so, with one click, you can generate a spreadsheet that matches the publishers’ requirements, quickly and easily!

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Powerful Report Writer

MarketPay’s Reporting module enables you to generate standard or custom reports on command. It’s as easy to use, as it is powerful!

MarketPay’s proprietary Report Writer is an easy-to-use module that enables you to build your own reports from any of your data in the system. You don’t have to learn SQL, any other special language, or third-party software. Quickly build reports that integrate employee, job and market pricing results. Reports can be printed or downloaded to .pdf, or spreadsheets. You no longer have to spend 90% of your time pulling data together and only 10% on analysis. MarketPay flips this paradigm so you can focus on deeper analytics and the development of competitive compensation programs.

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Data Analytics

MarketPay provides you with state-of-the-art graphics and data analytics (just released in 2016).

“A picture tells a thousand words”. MarketPay’s brand new interactive data visualization tools enable you to quickly build colorful and useful graphics to enhance any presentation.  The tools enable you to embark on a visual exploration of your employee, job and survey data. Study issues such as pay compression, gender or ethnicity disparities, competitive pay positioning – the list is endless. Many graphing formats are possible and easy to generate, including bar charts, pie charts, line charts, regressions, heat maps, and others.

We’ve made producing data visualization and graphics easy and powerful by using the same common sense user interface conventions found throughout MarketPay. It’s powerful and user-friendly.  With the power of information and tools to communicate a clear compelling story, you will strengthen your place at the table with leadership and line management.

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Structure Development and Merit Matrix Modeling

Build competitive pay programs using MarketPay’s industry-leading structure development and merit matrix modeling tools.

MarketPay’s Structure Development tool gives you the capability of analyzing and creating competitive pay ranges for the most common types of compensation structure. You can create model structures based on looking at market data in a variety of ways. The system supports approaches recommended in leading compensation certification courses, each with the objective of establishing a competitive pay range for each position in your organization. Even regression analysis is made easy, just one of a number of consultant-level tools and methods that MarketPay brings to your desktop.

Once ranges are established for each of your positions, MarketPay’s Merit Matrix Modeling tool gives you the ability to design matrices that pay for performance and effectively distribute a limited budget of increase dollars. Tell the system how much you have to spend and how strongly you want to reward performance, and the system will calculate the increase percentages to meet your goals. It’s a powerful application that every compensation professional needs in their toolkit.

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