Share Your Compensation Thoughts Now to Win a Better Future and iPad

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In 2027, both life and compensation could be very uncomplicated. In this future, a bionic person fetches your coffee, your car drives you around, and your compensation plan is both automated and powered by perfectly precise data. All you have to do now, in 2016, is start our Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) Survey and share [...]

Short- and Long-Term Goals: Thinking Beyond the Financials to Build Employee Loyalty

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The reality of budget constraints is an obvious presence when planning any compensation strategy and in practically every other conversation as well. However, it cannot be the only consideration. As with all other aspects of the business, keep the overall goals uppermost in your mind as you make hiring decisions and draw out your compensation [...]

3 Characteristics of an Effective Compensation Software

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As your company begins to consider what an effective compensation software system looks like for their intents and purposes, it’s important to consider three key elements essential to any worthwhile software. Intuitive and Informational Rather than just a place to store data, a well-designed compensation system will be able to give users the tools with which [...]

7 Signs That Your Current Compensation Strategy is Ineffective

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Compensation strategy often comes up when a company is looking at its inner workings to determine which areas need a makeover. Consider these signs as evidence that something is not working about your current compensation strategy, and use it as motivation to make changes. Of course, any one or two of these signs alone could [...]

Making the Case for a Compensation Tool

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While we have largely moved past the spreadsheet phase of compensation management, compensation experts in many industries have yet to embrace and apply the available technology to its full potential. Once we do, we have the chance to fully incorporate compensation survey management, market pricing, survey participation, salary structure development, and ongoing analysis of comp [...]