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7 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Market Pricing Systems!

By |September 20th, 2016|Market Pricing System|

When you’re searching for a new market pricing system to set up for your organization, you’ll find yourself comparing option after option, examining software and support, and numerous factors, to help you determine which system is the right approach for you. These questions will help you sort through the best market pricing systems to discover [...]

Keys to Calculating ROI for Employee Recognition Programs

By |August 23rd, 2016|Market Pricing System|

Investing in people and processes are an integral part of any business. And trying to get a sense of what the return on that investment will be is the automatic next question when determining what and where those investments will be. When it comes to employee compensation, or market pricing systems, organizations may be spending [...]

Achieving Fairness in Pay: Making the Most of Your Compensation Strategy

By |May 12th, 2016|Compensation Management Software, Compensation Software, Market Pricing System|

Everyone wants to make more money, receive better benefits, and work in a great environment. At the core, however, is there something even simpler and straightforward motivating employees to focus on compensation? From entry-level on up, all employees wants their pay to be fair (not equal, necessarily, but fair). Simple as that may seem, fair [...]